Persuasion Tactics (Without Manipulation)

Patrick King [1 year ago]

Persuasion Tactics (Without Manipulation) Book CoverScarica il libro Persuasion Tactics (Without Manipulation) - Patrick King eBooks Free (PDF, ePub, Mobi), If you want to (1) win people over, (2) negotiate and debate better, and (3) become an effective and engaging leader, Persuasion Tactics will be your seminal guide to coming out on top and ahead.

"This book shows you proven and practical methods and techniques you can use to be a better persuader with every person you meet." Brian Tracy - Internationally renowned speaker and bestselling author of The Psychology of Selling, Maximum Achievement, and The Power of Charm.

Master both direct and subconscious persuasion methods.

Most books on persuasion promise “mind control hacks” – they are complete myth. Persuasion Tactics contains only scientifically proven methods from the world’s top researchers, marketers, leaders, and negotiators. Learn how to completely change people’s minds with undetected, invisible influence and mental maneuvers.

Get your way without confrontation or feeling pushy.

Persuasion is much more than simple arguing or negotiating – it’s about making your presence and impact felt in every aspect of life. As a social skills and charisma coach and internationally bestselling author who has sold over a quarter of a million books, this is exactly how people get ahead in life and become charming, confident, and likable. It's how people get what they want and are able to attract it into their lives.

Learn how to make your strongest point – every time.

✔ The subtle power of emotional debt.
How to covertly plant an idea in someone’s head without them realizing it.
✔ Specific phrases, words, and speaking techniques to persuade and influence.
Classic psychological motivators.

Become a highly effective people engineer.

✔ The anatomy of Adolf Hitler’s rise of power.
Psychological models of behavior and desires.
✔ Mental and linguistics tactics to change people’s realities.
Analyze communication styles to speak on people’s level.

Gain non-manipulative social influence and persuasive power.

Persuasion gives you the power to shape your life and the relationships around you. Nothing we want in life will ever be simply given to you – you have to seize it. Persuasion is the key to that.
You will learn to simply get what you want, without appearing confrontational or turning people off. Persuasion skills will make your life exponentially easier as a result of understanding people and using universal mental triggers.

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