EASA ATPL Meteorology 2nd Edition

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EASA ATPL Meteorology 2nd Edition Book CoverScarica il libro EASA ATPL Meteorology 2nd Edition - Padpilot Ltd eBooks Free (PDF, ePub, Mobi), The second edition of our Padpilot Meteorology book is applicable to and 100% compliant with both the current syllabus and the new 2020 one.

The book covers everything you need to know to satisfy all the syllabus learning objectives. It also covers other essential information which you need to know if you intend to pursue a career as a professional airline pilot.

The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs, photo-realistic renders and pin-sharp diagrams. It also contains videos, animations and links to our online 3D models. These bring the subject to life and improves and deepens your understanding.

The book features our unique ContentPlus system. At the tap of a button you have access to accident case studies and insights into topics, showing how topics are directly relevant to piloting and how they connect with other aviation topics. Threat and Error flags throughout the book alert you to any significant flight safety hazards associated with the topic. Every chapter has a new-style summary page which aims to address, in very simple, short responses, each EASA LO covered in the chapter.  Every chapter includes an electronic Quick Quiz which tests the knowledge summarised in the chapter summary.

As with all Padpilot books, we explain to the level which gives you deep understanding of all the topics important to pilots. This book is far more than a mere collection of exam-passing notes. It’s your reference volume and authoritative resource for everything related to aircraft electrics. It’s written by pilots, for pilots at the level that professional pilots need to understand.

Free Updates

Padpilot constantly works to enhance its books. Each new version of an edition comes with new insights, or describes new systems and procedures or adds better explanations and even more illustration and animation. You receive all these absolutely free for the life of the edition. 

New editions are published infrequently, on the rare occasions when we need to completely revise the structure of the book.

Who Is It For

This book is ideally suited to students studying for any of the EASA ATPL(A) syllabi.

Because of its considerable depth and detail, this book is also an invaluable reference source for current line pilots and pilots preparing for their command course. It includes comprehensive explanations of the basic physical principles underpinning weather processes. We have also brought it bang up to date with explanations of the modern in-cockpit technologies which airline pilots use to receive meteorological information.

Padpilot ATPL Meteorology is enjoyable, accessible, easy to read and great to explore. Serious aviation enthusiasts and PPL pilots will benefit hugely from its sharp insights, easy explanations and stunning imagery.

About Padpilot

Padpilot is the publishing imprint of Padpilot Ltd, a UK publishing house which specialises exclusively in pilot education materials. Our books, workbooks and classroom materials are used across the world by airlines, approved training organisations and even individual students struggling with other materials they’re asked to work with. We are proud to say that some of the largest pilot training organisations in the world use our books exclusively for their ATPL(A) trainees.

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